There are any number of reasons to replace your home’s roof. Age is the most common, with issues like storm damage, renovation, or the construction of a new addition to your home following close behind. If you’re deciding on your next roof, you may be wondering whether a metal roof is right for your home. Jimmy’s Roofing specializes in metal roofing for the San Antonio area. Here’s what experience tells us.

The SF Gate notes that metal roofs can increase your home’s resale value and even, in some cases, lead to a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. There are a number of other considerations that will determine whether a metal roof will work best for your home.

Roof Geometry

A metal roof requires a 3:12 slope for installation. That means three inches of slope for every twelve inches of roof. The complexity of your roof should also be taken into account, since a roof with numerous valleys is going to make for a more complex installation than on a home with a straight and simple roof.

Time of Home Ownership

Metal roofs can last for a half century or more with proper installation and maintenance. To get maximum value out of your metal roof, it helps if you’re going to be there through what would otherwise have been a couple of re-roofing cycles, or if you plan on passing your house onto your kids.

Resale Value

On the other hand, that same durability also has its benefits should you decide to sell. A new buyer can purchase with a higher degree of confidence knowing that the roof is one thing they won’t have to worry about replacing for quite some time.

Extreme Weather

In areas where extreme heat or cold are a concern, or where high winds, quakes, or hail are common, a metal roof provides a degree of protection that a traditional asphalt roof does not.

Energy and Environmental Concerns

Metal roofing is sustainable and recyclable, making it an excellent choice if you’re concerned about your home’s environmental impact. The fact that a metal roof traps heat in winter and reflects it during the hot summer months means lower energy bills, but also means that your home will have a “greener” footprint than many of your neighbors’.

Factors to Consider

Of course, even the best metal roof installed by a highly-qualified roofing installer is not without its downsides. The initial cost is one of these, though as we’ve seen that’s typically offset by long-term savings.

It’s also worth noting that the “bones” of your roof need to be good before an installation. If you have leaks, structural issues, or other problems, those should be addressed before your new roof is installed. We also suggest improving your home’s attic ventilation prior to or during your installation. However, those concerns aren’t unique to metal roofing; they’re best practices any time you have your home re-roofed.

Even taking all of these factors into consideration — and reading dozens of lists like these that explore the benefits of metal roofs — you may still have questions. If that’s the case, reach out to the experts at Jimmy’s Roofing. Not only can we give you answers, we can also give you a free roofing estimate so you’ll have the information you need to make an educated decision. Call 210-632-0759 today!